Electrical Preventive Maintenance And Scalable Services

Electrical Preventive Maintenance and Scalable Services

You regularly change the oil of your car— with this act, you ensure the engine keeps running and you don’t need to get a new replacement engine. 

This is a kind of preventive maintenance that helps you to save unwanted costs on car maintenance in the future.

Similarly, the preventive maintenance of your electrical system can help you save electrical maintenance costs for the future. 

When you have poorly managed switchboards, they are 62% likely to face failure.  

With a dedicated preventive maintenance program, your equipment lasts long and shows better performance. 

The preventative part acts before a possible breakdown and eliminates the corrective costs. 

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The growing significance of Electrical Preventive Maintenance Services

Electrical preventive maintenance makes sure that your commercial property, residence, and business runs securely based on the plan. 

When keeping the integrity of the electrical system, you can easily maintain the operations in these areas. 

With these proactive maintenance practices, you build practices that secure the electric systems against sudden failures and disruptions in local networks.

With superior preventive maintenance solutions, Ocean offers holistic services to meet your requirement for facility and leverage cost-effective techniques to prevent any further breakdowns. 

Where are these services necessary?

Electrical preventive maintenance applies in the following places:

Homes: Your place of residence, regardless of apartments, flats, complexes, or any other home spaces.

Commercial Spaces: These could be offices, retail shops, shopping malls, storefronts, or any other industrial property.

Healthcare and facility-specific areas: These include basements, hospitals, parking areas, manufacturing lines, fitness clubs, cinema theaters, etc.

How does Our Preventive Maintenance Programme stand out?

  • Protect Your  Equipment

Your equipment lasts longer only when the electrical system remains properly examined and maintained. Maintenance is an important part that helps electrical systems work faultlessly.

  • Stops the problems from getting worse

You can stop the problems from becoming more severe or making your costs double. Preventive action can help to avoid the unnecessary wastage of time, money and energy.

  • Energy and cost savings

Regular maintenance of your electrical system can let you save the expenditure on energy and keep the system energy-efficient. With an expert electrician, you can detect the issues of energy usage. 

  • Ensure your Safety

Regular maintenance can help you to ensure the safety of people inside the property. An electrician must tell whether you are in a dangerous situation and warn about possible dangerous effects of electrical repairs on anybody else.

  • High Power Quality

The wide range of power quality problems can put down the capacity and functioning of your power distribution system. For businesses that experience poor power quality, this could be due to the failure of computer systems, machinery and factory equipment. With scheduled quality tests, you can implement preventive maintenance plans to let the digital processes go uninterrupted.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency 

You can increase the energy efficiency of electrical equipment to the complete extent if required. But with wear and tear and most importantly time, the components start lacking performance. With the scheduled maintenance of equipment, you can reduce downtime and improve the working of the system. 

How often should you care? 

Commercial establishments, domestic households, and other institutions should ensure that the owners have preventive maintenance implemented every 2-3 years. 

It includes tightening the connections, cleaning, dusting, detecting the loose, missing or worn parts, replacing the faulty components, checking the presence of unwanted water, and checking if the light, battery, and casings work according to the order. 

Also, ventilation should be a part of the electric assessment since it plays an integral role in the functioning of the system. 

Regular maintenance and inspection can improve the lifespan of the system to 17 years. 

With preventative care, you can make it go up to 35 years, which means this can double up. 

Factors We Take Into Account to Adopt the Maintenance

At Ocean, we implement preventive maintenance to let you save time and money with an emphasis on eliminating unnecessary future maintenance costs. 

Here are the factors we consider while implementing a preventive maintenance strategy:

  • Depending on the kind of equipment used, they should be inspected at frequent intervals. Regular inspection can let you explore flaws and repair the connections on time to avoid damage or malfunctions.
  • The complete electric distribution system needs to be checked for flaws or faults. We help you to check this and guide you towards the replacement and fixing of faulty parts.
  • Service equipment is a crucial part the company should forget when the maintenance plan is carried out. 
  • Since lighting systems are part of the maintenance schedule, we ensure the lighting systems undergo checking regularly. 
  • Hazardous locations can turn more dangerous once they catch fire. Hence to avoid breakdowns, fires and accidents, we monitor the systems in these locations.
  • Electrical malfunctions can occur in any space, hence with regular maintenance, we ensure public safety.
  • Electric malfunctions can create fires. With maintenance checks, you can easily find weaknesses and also understand the malfunction signs before they turn into an issue.

Benefits of the Early Maintenance Approach

The preventive maintenance approach to electrical systems can benefit in numerous ways. 

Firstly, it eliminates the risks associated with electric failure. It also reduces maintenance activities to a great extent. 

Dynamic maintenance also helps you to reduce operating costs and save a lot on future maintenance expenses.

It helps you to continuously evaluate the reliability of the systems, and maintain and level up the performance of power monitoring systems. 

You can also extend the life of the assets you hold and reduce unplanned time.

Ocean to build Smart & efficient Electrical systems

There is something that connects all the aforementioned benefits of electrical maintenance services. All the above advantages let you save money. 

As mentioned earlier, an unplanned interruption, power outage, equipment failure or production issue causes great expense for the company.

If you maintain the good condition of the electrical distribution system, it makes your business reliable and budget-friendly, while ensuring you get a reliable, hassle-free, and efficient power supply. 

Ocean offers the best-in-class services to ensure we make necessary maintenance of electrical systems before any incident, thus preventing dangerous incidents in the future.

To learn further about our electrical preventive maintenance services and what we offer, contact us today. 

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