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Erection, Installation & Maintenance Services of Industrial Crane

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Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services offer industrial crane installation and maintenance services in Oman. Our team of seasoned, trained, and skilled professionals ensure that your crane has the best possible lifecycle value, lowering your operating costs. We provide security and have extensive experience with industrial crane installation and maintenance. If you need a crane installation and maintenance team that is seasoned, mature, and reliable, you can employ our services.

What Our Services can do for you?

Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services installs, maintains and upgrades all forms of cranes with expertise and dependability. Our services also include EOT crane commissioning in Oman, polar cranes, rope guide and wire rope supply installation, control panel assembly and upgrade Crane Busbar System Refurbishment and Replacement, and more. Our team of seasoned and highly qualified engineers, technicians, erectors, and welders is the driving force behind our ability to complete projects quickly. We provide industrial Crane Annual Maintenance and Crane Load Testing services and Crane Inspection, Crane Reliability Survey, Crane up-gradation, and Crane Refurbishment of existing lifting systems.

Gantry crane installation and repair, including complete, semi-portable, portable, and adjustable cranes.

Which of the single girder and double girder cranes do you prefer? For both, we provide effective installation and maintenance services.

Cantilever beam cranes will receive general maintenance and assistance.

Gantry Rail Survey - Examines gantries for incorrect alignment, avoiding abnormal wheel flange wear.

For all kinds of cranes, Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services offers specialist C-Track rail festooning services.

Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services specialise in the repair and refurbishment of Crane Busbar Systems.

Hybrid semi-goliath crane installation and repair. We provide overhead crane load testing, which is essential to ensure the safety of workers and the workplace.

All cranes are inspected, installed, maintained, and serviced, including crane rail and monorail crane installations & EOT (Electrical Overhead Traveling) crane maintenance.

We provide Crane Inspection, Crane Reliability Survey, Crane Refurbishment & Crane Upgrading services after thorough testing and review. This boosts efficiency & reliability while also extending the life of crane.

Erection, Installation & Commissioning of Cranes

In Oman, we provide erection, installation, and commissioning facilities for all types of electric overhead travelling (EOT) cranes. We complete the work on time, beginning with developing a schedule for the crane’s erection and installation while adhering to all safety regulations. Many of the technologies we incorporate are thoroughly tested. It is essential to check the machine before it begins running to ensure the safety of the workers and provide a successful service. We are the most trusted crane service provider in the area because of our commitment and passion for what we do.

Inspection, Assessment & Up-Gradation‚Äč

Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services perform a thorough Crane Inspection, Crane Reliability Survey, and Crane Condition Assessment of your current crane system to identify any faults and plan the next maintenance cycle to prevent downtime. Regular inspections are critical for reducing downtime, reliability in emergencies, and ensuring safety. We may also arrange for third-party certifying bodies to perform inspections, maintenance, and annual crane load testing as required by regulations.
A thorough inspection and assessment of a crane system will help you determine if it needs to be upgraded. Upgrading an existing crane system rather than replacing it with a new one will save you up to 50% on the bill. Since we have a thorough understanding of crane designs and the ability to reverse engineer with a high degree of precision and analytic ability, we are the most sought after name for crane upgrading services.

EOT Crane Services

Electric overhead travelling cranes, also known as bridge cranes, are one of the most prevalent forms of overhead cranes, consisting of parallel platforms with a moving bridge bridging the distance. Electricity is used exclusively to power EOT cranes.

At the time of the contract agreement, a detailed method and installation manual will be provided. In Oman, Ocean offers the best EOT cranes and related services. The installation methods have been broken down into multiple steps. Let’s take a closer look at the various steps and see how Ocean’s skilled crew installs EOT cranes.

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