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Electric overhead travelling cranes, also known as bridge cranes, are one of the most prevalent forms of overhead cranes, consisting of parallel platforms with a moving bridge bridging the distance. Electricity is used exclusively to power EOT cranes.

At the time of the contract agreement, a detailed method and installation manual will be provided. In Oman, Ocean offers the best EOT cranes and related services. The installation methods have been broken down into multiple steps. Let’s take a closer look at the various steps and see how Ocean’s skilled crew installs EOT cranes.

Preparation Before Overhead Crane Installation

The crane’s installation must be considered from the start of the crane’s acquisition. The installation team will call the customer or general contractor one month after the project’s completion date to contact the required parts. The following requirements must be met: 

  • Presentations between the crane installation team and the general contractor or other installation team members.
  • Make time to conduct a thorough examination of the workplace or institution.
  • Determine a rough timeline for crane installation. 

Establish a weekly status report to confirm whether or not the crane project is still on track. Before installing the crane, the installation team will analyse the general state of the proposed building or crane placement, which includes:

  • Examine the crane track system’s performance.
  • Both the newly installed and existing tracks must be assessed ahead of time.
  • An assessment of the current slope system should be conducted thoroughly.
  • Make sure the width measurement matches the approval drawing.
  • Misalignment can cause early wear of crane components, so inspecting the rails and electricity system to verify everything is aligned correctly is important.
  • The new slope system should be thoroughly evaluated.
  • Examine all approved drawings and specifications, and if necessary, revise them.
  • Measurements and load ratings should be double-checked.
  • Identify any process lines, machinery, or other systems that may cause the installation to fail.
  • Check the power supply and all electrical connections in the building.
  • Keep the crane installation date in mind.
  • Potential hazard evaluation should be done by the expert team.
  • The overhead crane must be load-tested once it has been erected and installed to ensure proper operation.

Evaluate the EOT Crane Runway System

The installation crew will evaluate the crane runway system to arrange crane installation.  Both the new runway and the current runway should be examined before installation. 

A Firm Commitment to the Crane Installation Date

For an overhead crane installation, there are many moving elements and sections that must all be coordinated.

  • Trucks and drivers, mechanical installers and assemblers, riggers, crane operators, and electrical and crane technicians, among others, should be notified of the crane installation timetable.
  • Once the installation timeline has been decided upon, everything should move at breakneck speed to arrange the logistics, transportation, and timing of employees, materials, and equipment.

Maintenance of EOT Cranes

Ocean conducts an EOT crane inspection, a crane reliability survey, and a crane condition assessment on your existing crane system to detect any issues and schedule the next maintenance cycle to avoid downtime. Regular inspections are critical for decreasing downtime, improving emergency reliability, and ensuring safety.

The crane system can be properly inspected and evaluated to see whether it needs improvement. Upgrading an existing crane system rather than purchasing a new one might save up to 50% on the cost.

To avoid mishaps on the job site where heavy loads are lifted or moved using cranes, the inspection, erection, and commissioning of EOT cranes must be followed meticulously.

Erection Of EOT Cranes​

The crane should be installed on an empty floor where no industrial or construction work will be done while it is being built. The floor size must allow for free and easy crane management throughout the erection period, such as positioning the crane in an erecting position on the ground, turning the suspended crane, and so on.

Sequence of the Erection of EOT Cranes 

The following is the order in which EOT cranes are erected:

  1. Installation of the LT rail line
  2. Ground-level assembly of main girders
  3. End carriage and main girder installation
  4. Crab erection
  5. Platform, handrails, cabin, ladder, DSL cage, and DSL guard installation.
  6. Installation of electrical equipment
  7. Finally, the DSL bracket should be aligned and wielded.

Rope reeving: Do it if the rope isn’t secured to the rope drums. The rope must run in the same direction as the reeve. Finally, if applicable, install the lifting beam assembly as well.

Commissioning of EOT Cranes

The EOT’s commissioning method consists of the following steps:

Before commissioning EOT cranes, the cranes must be inspected at least once a year. The team should employ expert electricians, fitters, crane operators, and other technical personnel to thoroughly inspect the crane commissioning process. In brief, below are the stages for commissioning EOT cranes one by one:

  • To begin, complete preliminary tests such as electrical, mechanical, and lubricant checks on all gearboxes, joint bolts, and other components.
  • Second, the team must perform pre-commissioning checks for the DSL, control panels, motors, and brakes, as well as pre-commissioning checks for the VVF drive, if one is installed, pre-commissioning checks for the radio remote control system, and checks for device protection and detection, as well as other EOT components.
  • Finally, for safety and continuity reasons, the team must conduct an operation check. There will also be a static and dynamic loading test included.
  • Controlling the EOT commissioning procedure is critical to the process’s success.

Ocean is a prominent crane service provider in Oman, providing top-notch EOT crane installation and maintenance. Our team is made up of EOT Crane Installation and Maintenance experts who are knowledgeable, skilled, and qualified. At Ocean, we make sure that your crane has the best lifecycle possible, lowering your running costs. You can choose our services if you need an experienced, knowledgeable, and successful team for EOT Crane Installation and Maintenance in Oman.


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