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Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment

In the absence of appropriate maintenance, machines and equipment undergo frequent vibration noises. It isn’t only about the harsh sounds the system makes, but also the wear and tear that could negatively affect the people working on the system. Hence, the maintenance of machines to have optimal vibration levels is necessary to keep the equipment fully functional. In most cases, shaft misalignment would be the major reason behind vibration noise. 

Shaft alignment offers a process that keeps two or more rotating shafts in collinear alignment—the centers of the shafts will lie in a straight line. You can use many tools like dial indicators, optics and laser systems, straight edges, calipers, etc. for shaft alignment. Among these, the laser shaft alignment is the most accurate and fastest solution you can go for. At Ocean, we bring geometric precision to solve the equipment issues such as bearing or coupling failures, reduced running speed, abnormal vibrations, and many other issues the equipment experiences.

Why Laser Shaft Alignment?

Shaft alignment using a laser (also called coupling alignment) considers two or more shafts and measures the misalignment between them. The advanced laser alignment tool can be ideally used in even explosive environments. The consequence of misaligned shafts falls to more than 50 percent of the malfunctions you find in the rotating equipment. It increases maintenance costs, downtime, and production losses. The increased friction and vibration due to misalignment consume more energy,  thereby contributing to premature seal and bearing damage. 

  • You can improve the machine’s efficiency which saves utility bill costs
  • Precise and prompt alignment saves time
  • Machines exhibit high durability and work with low power consumption

What to do before the coupling alignment process?

Laser technology helps to check the alignment of the machine— the following steps show how we carry out pre-alignment processes in detail:

  • Safety Check:

We implement standard security procedures to make sure the systems are safe to work on.

  • Mounting Check:

Our processes take care of all mounting surfaces and their related conditions to be free from paint, dirt, and rust. 

  • Soft Foot Check:

We deploy the most refined technology to check for the distortion of the machine frame. If the motor has a soft foot, the false bearing alignments can cause tension and distortion due to the tilts. Hence, a soft foot check is mandatory.

How do we conduct alignment checks?

Bracket fastening:

Components need to be fixed properly for any machine to perform uninterrupted functioning. Our process ensures that the brackets are fastened for the driving shafts.


Mounting Laser:

The next step is to mount the laser to the stationary position while mounting the stationary on reference and movable on driven equipment.


Alignment Check Process:

With the laser undergoing the process of mounting, we measure the dimensions of the machine and the points of location for both the laser and the receiver. We further turn the shafts simultaneously to 180 degrees for a complete test. The equipment meanwhile calculates the extent of movement and takes reading at each degree. After the rotation completes, our experts analyze the data and the equipment gives information on how to correct the position of the machine. We make the initial adjustments and repeat the alignment check until the machine gets arranged with a desirable tolerance level.

Why choose Ocean for laser Shaft alignment

The laser alignment technology involves aligning shafts with each other under a particular tolerance level. This needs to be fixed well before you can put the machine in service. Ocean makes certain that we incorporate skilled personnel, the latest technology, and equipment to increase the accuracy of the services we offer. 


  • Our high-quality lasers and fast precision tools offer a prompt shaft alignment service;
  • We employ a skilled team of the workforce to perform laser alignment;
  • With the accurate alignment of machines, we solve the concerns of machines like bearing or coupling failure, seal damage, lubricant leakage and undesirable vibration.

Advantages of timely laser shaft alignment

Before you seek laser shaft alignment services, you should consider the most reliable services where you can ensure that the technician possesses all the required skills to operate the system and quickly perform the precision shaft alignment with the latest technologies. Let’s look at the advantages of a prompt shaft alignment process:

  • Minimized production losses
  • Improved machine availability 
  • High service life for seals and bearings
  • Reduced leakage and a great working environment 
  • No risk of secondary damage or overheating 
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Least lubricant consumption 
  • Minimized noise levels
  • No risk of breakdowns

Moreover, with laser alignment, you can also make significant savings with low energy consumption, fewer spare parts consumption, and reduced downtime.

Ocean is one of the best laser shaft alignment service providers in Oman, with professional experts and modern technologies to conduct the installation and maintenance of the rotating equipment. Our team uses high-precision tools and sensing detectors which replace the conventional method of measurement. At Ocean, we consider superior and exceptional precision measurement techniques for accurate mechanical troubleshooting.

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