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Laser Shaft Alignment

Laser Shaft Alignment Services

Laser Shaft Alignment, or Coupling Alignment, focuses on aligning two or more rotating shafts in a straight line, considering both vertical and horizontal planes. Shaft Alignment ensures the precise adjustment of rotating components such as motors and pumps to transfer power between them effectively. 

By employing laser technology, laser shaft alignment services ensure accurate alignment of shafts in machinery, particularly critical in industries where precision and efficiency are paramount, such as manufacturing, power generation, oil and gas, and marine sectors.

These services offer significant advantages over traditional methods, including increased machine availability, extended bearing life, reduced leakage, and improved working conditions. Laser shaft alignment mitigates the risk of overheating and secondary damage, reduces lubricant consumption, minimises vibration and noise levels, and prevents serious breakdowns.

Coupling Alignment: Preparation Steps

Before initiating the coupling alignment process, several preparatory steps are essential to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the alignment. 

Firstly, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect the machinery to identify any visible damages, wear, or misalignments in components such as shafts, couplings, bearings, and housing. This one comes under a safety check. 

The next one is the mounting check, in which clearing the work area of any debris or obstructions is vital for safe and unimpeded access to the equipment. Additionally, ensuring that the machinery is properly supported and stabilised either through securing or levelling helps maintain stability during the alignment process. 

Lastly, a soft foot check will ensure the updated tools and equipment with the latest technologies, including laser alignment devices, shims, and adjustment tools, ensure that the alignment process can proceed smoothly without interruptions. 

By completing these preparatory steps diligently, technicians can optimise the effectiveness and reliability of the coupling alignment process.

Conducting Laser Shaft Alignment Checks: Detailed Procedure

We discussed preparation steps to be taken before conducting the actual coupling alignment. Now let’s discuss the process of coupling alignment in detail. Ensuring proper alignment of machinery components is essential for uninterrupted functioning and optimal performance. 

  1. Bracket Fastening:

Without secure fastening, even the most precise alignment efforts can be compromised by shifting or moving components during operation. Therefore, our process prioritises establishing a solid base for subsequent alignment checks.

  2. Mounting Laser:

Moving forward, the next crucial step involves mounting the laser system. This entails fixing the laser to a stationary position, typically on a rigid frame or stand, while attaching the movable unit to the driven equipment. The stationary unit serves as a reference point against which the alignment measurements will be taken. Proper mounting ensures stability and accuracy during the alignment process, minimising any potential sources of error.

  3. Alignment Check Process:

Once measurements are established, we initiate the alignment test by rotating the shafts. The rotation typically covers a full 180-degree cycle to assess alignment across various positions. Throughout the rotation, the laser system continuously records movement and takes readings at each degree of rotation. This comprehensive approach allows us to capture any deviations in alignment accurately.


Laser Shaft Alignment Steps

Now let’s check the key steps involved in laser shaft alignment services to ensure precise machine alignment components. Here’s a detailed outline of these steps:

  • Mounting the laser system: The laser alignment system consists of a laser emitter and a detector, with the emitter mounted securely on one shaft and the detector on the other. Additional accessories like brackets or magnetic bases may be used for mounting.
  • Initial measurements: After mounting, initial measurements are taken by positioning the laser beams onto targets or receivers on the opposite shaft. These targets ensure stability during measurement.
  • Measurement and adjustment: As shafts rotate, targets interrupt or receive laser beams, allowing the system to accurately measure misalignment. Real-time feedback guides adjustments, which may involve repositioning machinery or using shims.
  • Making adjustments: The laser system guides users through adjustments, providing visual and numerical feedback for corrective actions such as repositioning or using shims.
  • Final measurements and verification: Once adjustments are made, final measurements are taken to ensure alignment meets specified tolerances. The laser system provides feedback for verification and documentation purposes.

Benefits of Laser Shaft Alignment Services

Since we discussed what laser shaft alignment services are, it’s time to check their benefits. The benefits are manifold and include:

  • Precision: Laser technology ensures highly accurate alignment, minimising deviations and improving machinery performance.
  • Efficiency: Laser alignment services are faster and more efficient than traditional methods, reducing downtime and labour costs.
  • Real-time Feedback: Laser systems provide real-time feedback during the alignment process, enabling immediate adjustments for optimal alignment.
  • Non-contact Measurement: Laser alignment does not require physical contact with machinery components, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring safety.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: Proper alignment reduces wear and tear on machinery components, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improved Safety: Accurate alignment reduces the risk of machinery malfunctions and accidents, enhancing workplace safety.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Properly aligned machinery operates more efficiently, lowering energy consumption and cost savings.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Laser alignment services provide detailed documentation of alignment procedures and results, facilitating compliance and future preventive maintenance.

laser shaft alignment Services from Oceanme

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