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For over a century, Yamada has been a trusted name in industrial equipment, and for the past eight decades, they have been the leader in the manufacture of pneumatic pumps. They are known for their innovation, and their products are of the highest quality and highly reliable. Their track record of exceptional quality control and innovative products that provide excellent resolution to customer problems has earned them the ISO 9001 certification. All their pumps are extensively subjected to liquid testing before they are shipped out.

The company’s reputation, in-depth research and development activities, and consistency in creating new and reliable products have established them as the market leader. At Ocean, we believe in delivering the best to our customers and are proud to be associated with Yamada, which brings out the best pneumatic pumps.

The Main Features Of Yamada Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps​

  • It is capable of handling many types of fluids, even with heavy solid content; the absence of rotating or close-fitting parts makes it easy to pump liquids with high mineral or other solids in them.
  • Self Priming – The internal check valve design of the Yamada pumps enables high suction lift during startup, even with heavy fluids. 
  • The pumps are capable of running dry without any damage because there are no sliding parts or close fittings that could pose a risk otherwise.
  • The pumps can be run at varying discharge pressures and flow rates – any setting within the operating range as per your requirements.
  • Yamada pumps can be easily transported to the location required and installed quickly 
  • Able to shut off the discharge line without fear of damage or deterioration as the pressure during discharge does not exceed the air inlet pressure at any time.
  • Yamada pumps are ideal for shearing sensitive liquids, which ensures minimal contact between the fluid and parts.
  • Yamada pumps can be submerged in liquid as long as you ensure that the exhaust line stays above the liquid level.
  • The absence of gears, rotors, and pistons—which are prone to wear and tear and damage with long-term use—ensures consistency in the pumping efficiency of these pumps. The flow rate and efficiency remain steady for much longer than

Why Choose Yamada Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps?​

  • The Yamada diaphragm pumps are fully bolted, and the mating surfaces are leakproof. The fit-bolted construction also makes it easy to reassemble after maintenance servicing. 
  • The air valve concept distinguishes Yamada pumps from others, along with their being accessible from outside; this enables their inspection and servicing without stopping the pump from an operation. 
  • The pilot valve, which activates the air valve, is modular in design and maintenance-free, as there are no snap rings or greased dynamic o-rings that may need replacement or repair. 
  • The clamp bands used are also leakproof, and many Yamada pumps feature one air valve type – this helps to simplify assembly and decrease the inventory of spare parts. 
  • Owing to the continuous research, the company perfected the strength life, ensuring maximum life and performance for the diaphragm with minimal downtime or maintenance expenses.

You’ll discover all the Yamada pumps and components you need at Ocean to keep your operations running smoothly. Ocean Technical & Mechanical Services LLC has 15 years of experience in the sector and is a leading provider of material acquisition and maintenance services. Our Yamada product variety is extensive, and our pump specialists have the skills and experience to give you the best solutions and suggestions. Whatever type of pump you need for your system, we have it in our inventory. We vow to be the most cost-effective and trustworthy service providers in the industry.

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