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Industrial filters

Industrial filters

We are the leading solutions provider of micron and macron filtration systems for air, gas, and liquid for industrial applications in Oman. With applications spreading across segments, our filters come with modular designs, optimal flexibility, and high filtration efficiency suiting to the specific need of industrial applications including:

  • Process filtration 
  • Air filtration 
  • Hydraulic and lube oil Filtration 
  • Compressed air filtration
  • Gas filtration 

Process Filtration ​

Our process filtration systems are adopted with the latest filtration technology for operating under different pressure points and particle sizes. With the excellent filtering capabilities, our filters can continuously separate solid particles from low and high viscosity fluids to ensure the strongest protection at the clean side of the system. Designed to operate in a  different range of pressures and particle sizes, Ocean has the widest range of industrial filter applications including :

  • Cartridge filter system 
  • Catalyst RecoverySystem
  • Bag Filter System 
  • Basket Filter &Strainers 
  • Self Cleaning Filter 
  • Filter Cartridges 
  • Filter Bags – Liquid

Air Filtration​

Ocean provides air filtering solutions that are efficient and reliable for various industrial requirements. Designed to offer maximum airflow and minimal pressure drop across a wide range of airflow rates and contaminant loads, our air filters deliver excellent overall performance in both indoor and outdoor filtration systems. Also, also filters can be customized to accurately match the industrial requirements. Ocean offers a range of compressed air filters for the removal of dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities & exhaust fumes. 

  • Pulse Jet Dust Collection Systems
  • Air Intake Filter Systems 
  • Pleated Air Filters 
  • Filter Bag -Air 
  • Compressor OEM Filters 

Compressed Air Filters ​

Compressed air powers the ability of many industries across sectors. Considering the sophisticated nature of systems, it is always essential to keep the compressed air clean. Our compressed air filters are designed to tackle such problems. With a filtration capacity ranging from 0.01 micron to 100 microns, our filters are capable of removing dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, and oil impurities from compressed air. Also, our segment includes special filter elements which are designed to remove moisture and oil from compressed air. 

Hydraulic And Lube Oil Filtration ​

Oceans hydraulic filters are specially designed for industries running with hydraulic systems. Our filters are capable of continuously removing the contaminants from the hydraulic oil, thus eliminating any occurrence of system damage. All our products are compatible with the majority of hydraulic systems irrespective of operating conditions like high pressure, low pressure, highly viscous oil, or highly contaminated oil.

Gas Filters ​

Oceans gas filtration systems are designed considering the various industry’s flow requirements, line size, working pressure, working temperature & level of filtration rating. Our filters remove dirt, dust, rust, condensates, moisture contents, oil impurities &exhaust fumes resulting in low downtime & reducing production loss. Our range of filtration systems includes 

  • Gas Filter Systems
  • Coalescers
  • Separator/Knock-Out Drum 
  • Metering Skid 
  • Gas Service Regulator Module
  • Particle Removal Filter 
  • Coalescing filter element 
  • Sintered Multilayer Wiremesh 

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