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Knife Gate Valve ​

Heavy-duty slurry is a type of knife gate valves help to provide solutions for abrasive and corrosive process applications. They perform isolation and on-off services where the systems contain loads of suspended solids. 

The whole valve is designed and built to be easy to maintain. When fully open, the valves experience a minimal drop in pressure and are very easy to actuate. They are lightweight, optimized for corrosive media, and highly cost-effective, making them the preferred choice. The knife is made of stainless steel and is resistant to acid damage, as it frequently comes into contact with corrosive substances. This design feature ensures that maintenance and replacement requirements are rare.

The Main Features Of Flowrox Knife Gate Valve

The Slurry Flanged Knife Gate Valve SKF and Slurry Wafer Knife Gate Valve SKW are part of a new generation of knife gate valves. Our vast experience in delivering solutions for corrosive applications is reflected in the valve designs in this series.

    • Even load distribution: Rings in the Flowrox SKF and Flowrox SKW have been revised to avoid over-compression by providing complete closure between the ring sleeve and the valve gate. To make maintenance easier, the load ring has been inserted into the valve sleeves.
    • Acts freely: The valve’s universal tower design accepts most actuator types, enabling actuator change after installation. The tower also guarantees that the top plate, body, and actuator are aligned with the pipeline at all times and that the gate is in optimal alignment.
    • It makes it simple: The valve body is of a single piece and takes away the need for sealing between the body halves. 

Salient Features

  • A sharp, heavyweight knife-like edge at the gate bottom ensures an effective shut-off by cutting through solid sediments.
  • Bi-directional flow tolerates backflow
  • 100% isolation
  • Free flow of the process medium
  • Only the ring sleeves in contact with the process medium
  • Seats are easy to replace, can be maintained on-site, and are durable with long service life.
  • Face-to-face dimensions according to industry standard
  • The surface coating of the gate can be customized as per client requirements – chrome plating, nitriding, hard facing, etc.

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