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Ultrasonic Testing Devices

Ultrasonic Testing Devices​

Ultrasonic testing equipment is designed for ultrasonic inspection tasks in the field of Predictive maintenance eventually extending the machine life and preventing sudden breakdowns.

SONOTEC GmbH is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic testing equipment. The company in Halle (Saale) employs over 180 people and develops and produces ultrasonic transducers, sensors, testing equipment, and measuring technology solutions for customers. Many jobs may be completed quickly and efficiently using the SONAPHONE range of multi-purpose ultrasonic testing equipment. The procedure is straightforward, and substantial training is no longer required.

Types Of Ultrasonic Testing Devices


Optimizing processes, boosting operational safety, and improving the energy economy are becoming increasingly important in the age of Industry 4.0. With SONOTEC’s innovative SONAPHONE, you can meet the difficulties of Maintenance 4.0. The digital ultrasonic testing instrument combines cutting-edge sensors and software for preventative maintenance that is simple to use and opens the door to new processes and applications.

    • Broadband ultrasonic analysis from 20 to 100 kHz
    • Store test data and spectrograms
    • Measurement point organization, route planning, trend analysis, and documentation are all possible with this optional modular PC software platform
    • Create test reports within a minutes
    • 5-inch multi-touch screen display
    • Robust housing

Acoustic Camera - Sonascreen​

SONASCREEN is a portable acoustic camera that produces acoustic pictures in the audible and ultrasonic frequency ranges. The gadget tracks down sound sources in real-time and presents the results on the screen right away. In addition, the camera uses industrial headphones to offer aural feedback. Ultrasound is made audible and visible by us.

    • 72 MEMS microphones
    • At 100 frames per second, real-time acoustic results
    • Frequency spectrum: 10 Hz to 100 kHz
    • Integrated data acquisition and analysis software
    • Optical camera
    • A sampling rate of 200 kHz
    • Handheld gadgets have an IP54 rating (splash-proof)
    • 8 programmable buttons for quick control
    • Small size and lightweight

Sonaphone E​​

SONAPHONE E is certified for use in explosion-prone environments. Due to its inherently safe design, the SONAPHONE E is ideal for usage in the most dangerous places and possibly explosive atmospheres. The ultrasonic testing instrument is also appropriate for tightness testing of different systems, wear control on rotating machinery, and giving proof of partial electrical discharges where there is insulation damage, in addition to the dependable detection of compressed air and gas leaks. Another application addressed by the portable equipment is the inspection of steam traps and valves.

    • Used in potentially explosive environments
    • Integrated data logger
    • Temperature measurements up to 800 °C
    • Fast amortization

Sonaphone Pocket​

The SONAPHONE Pocket – the smallest Testing Device in the family- can conduct a variety of preventative maintenance activities fast and efficiently. Reduce your energy expenditures and improve your operating safety with the SONAPHONE series’ most compact testing equipment. 

      • Compact design for your pocket
      • Easy to handle
      • Illuminated display
      • Extensive accessories allow versatile options for use
      • Partial discharge detection
      • Detection of leaks in compressed air, gas & vacuum systems

Sonaphone T

The transportable ultrasonic transmitter is used to detect leaks in windows, doors, cabins, airplanes, cars, and containers with sealing surfaces or profile rubber seals quickly and reliably. With the help of this ultrasonic testing instrument, tightness testing may be performed with minimal effort. The transmitter emits ultrasound that passes through leaks and gaps of the test object. By using a SONAPHONE testing device these signals can be detected accurately from outside the object. The basic functional principle does not require considerable employee training or any additional expenditures.

Applications Of SONOTEC Devices​

  • Condition Monitoring 
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Inspection of the Steam Trap
  • Bearing Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Valve Inspection
  • Tightness Testing 

Since 2017, Ocean Technical & Mechanical Services LLC has served as SONOTEC’s Oman distributor, supplying several units to clients in the oil and natural gas, petrochemical, and other major industrial sectors.

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