Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Services

Ultrasonic flow meters are non-intrusive flow sensors that measure the flow rates of liquids with the help of acoustic vibrations. They are ideally used for dirty liquids like wastewater applications, where you need to maintain chemical compatibility, low pressure drop, and so on. 

At Ocean Technical & Mechanical Services LLC, we are qualified to deliver comprehensive solutions for different types of ultrasonic flow measurement apps like resource monitoring, water treatment, industrial processes, sewage flow, pipe flow, open channel and so on. In the Middle East, Ocean is one of the leading providers of temporary flow meters. Our wide-ranging experience places us in the ideal position to deliver the most apt solutions to you, and to guide you. We offer ultrasonic flow measurement devices on rent, along with the option to choose our technicians to conduct the flow measurement.

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How Does an Ultrasonic Flow Meter Work?

Ultrasonic flow meters measure fluid velocity using a non-contact method. They can be fitted with clamps on the outside of pipes regardless of size. These devices are capable of measuring corrosive liquids in a secure manner, with no risk to the ultrasonic sensor of the meter. For industrial applications portable ultrasonic flow meters are available, and they can be attached in different pipelines in the plant.

GE TransPort® PT900

The two main categories of ultrasonic flow meters are transit time meters and Doppler, and both use different technologies. At Ocean Technical & Mechanical Services LLC, our preferred device is the GE TransPort® PT900, a portable flow meter that measures liquids. At Ocean we focus mainly on checking and measuring the liquid flow of various applications.

The GE TransPort® PT900 is an evolved device from its previous versions and has undergone tremendous changes. The company gathered customer feedback and learnt about the flaws in the device and the needs of the customers. They then re-designed the device, and tested it by offering the prototypes to customers. Eventually, GE developed an ultrasonic flow meter that is user-friendly where installation and use is concerned, versatile, and with the capability of taking measurements effectively even in difficult applications.

The device features an uncomplicated industrial design and innovative electronics platform, making it easy to deploy and utilize. A pair of transducers, a transducer cable, a transmitter, and a revamped clamp-on feature, accessories like mounting fixtures, temperature transmitters that can be clamped on, and thickness gauges are all included in this ultrasonic flow measurement device. 


  • Assuming a completely formed symmetric flow forms the basis of measurement accuracy
  • It’s possible to get a response time of up to 2 Hz
  • ±0.2 percent reading repeatability can be obtained
  • For sizes 2 inches and more, ±1% of reading time 
  • Several types of transducers are available for most applications
  • For measurements from 0.5 to 2 inches, ±2% of the reading
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Quick-response transponder with data storage capacity of 8 GB
  • Energy, volume, totalizer, mass, and volume can be controlled
  • Vivid touch screen simplifies programming
  • Necessitates Android tablet 4.4 or later

The Importance of Flow Meter Accuracy

The flow of a pipe is not necessarily smooth and steady at all times. Often there is friction and flow turbulence, and this can cause fluid-carrying pipes to lose pressure. This has the potential to impact every type of application – whether complicated industrial pipelines, long-distance pipelines or even domestic plumbing. This can have damaging consequences for property and human beings. It is essential to measure the flow inside a pipe with a flow meter to check that the flow is proper; you could be inviting disaster if you don’t do this, or even if the meter is not a precise instrument.

Other Services

Shipping vessels, especially LPG, chemical, or oil tankers, have a number of flow meters fitted at different points. These have to be calibrated and their accuracy verified at regular intervals. Clamp-on flow meters can be used for this kind of temporary ultrasonic flow measurement.

At Ocean Technical & Mechanical Services LLC, we are proud to be one of the best service providers in the water treatment industry. By leveraging sophisticated technology and innovating, we provide exemplary service to our customers. We have been delivering a complete suite of water pre-treatment and tertiary treatment in WTP and ETP, and providing auto-filtration machines and water treatment chemicals for over two decades. Committed to providing the best products and services for our customers, we use the GE TransPort® PT900 meter as it has been assessed and certified as complying with the requisites for a Class B digital device under Section 15 of the FCC Rules.

The Ocean team will guide in setup and installation, and configuring the mobile app, pairing it with the transmitter. They will then give a demo to show you how to read, analyze, and monitor the different measurements, and create a log file to record the readings. Your employees will also be trained on the proper use of the equipment.

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