importance of Preventive Maintenance

Benefits and Importance of Preventive Maintenance – Guide from Ocean

Companies engage in mainly two types of maintenance strategies that rely on equipment— namely preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance. 

While reactive maintenance deals with the “don’t fix if it doesn’t break” strategy, preventive maintenance deals with a carefully designed maintenance strategy with routine maintenance jobs that avoid larger costly fixes in the future. 

Maintenance professionals and businesses now leverage preventive maintenance techniques to ensure the long-lasting performance and efficiency of the equipment. 

Here is a look into the benefits and importance of preventive maintenance for the ongoing upkeep of the equipment.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Before delving deep into the benefits of preventive maintenance, let’s know what it means. Preventive maintenance is a process that supports you in the efforts to maintain the lifespan of equipment/machinery. 

With preventive maintenance in place, you can conduct regularly scheduled maintenance tasks to avoid unexpected equipment failure in the future. In simpler words, it’s fixing the equipment before it breaks.

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Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance mechanisms eliminate the waste of time and help the production line to stay away from a breakdown.

This is one of the important factors for facilities management. The frequent practice of preventive maintenance can upkeep the performance and protection of the equipment used.

While reactive maintenance costs less in the beginning, but finally it imposes a heavy burden and expensive affair, preventive maintenance avoids the cost affair right from the initial process stage of operations.

Let us understand the importance of predictive maintenance in detail:

Operator safety: The primary aspect of preventive maintenance is safety. Since prevention is better than cure, planning and choosing preventive maintenance helps operators to ensure that the process is under controlled conditions and that life is secure. 

Machine Safety: Similar to the importance of human life, the life and condition of machines are also equally important. The preventive maintenance technique keeps the equipment and machinery in safe mode, which prevents sudden malfunctioning and random downtimes. 

Time-saving: The factor of time is very crucial while evaluating the cost of every production unit. The right preventive maintenance makes sure that there are no unnecessary expenses incurred, therefore. Once there are no obstructions or breakdowns in the line in the production process, it helps in optimum and timely production.

Cost-effective: Another major factor is cost-effectiveness or the reduction in costs. Achieving this helps to avoid faults, sudden emergency repairs, additional resources, outsourcing, etc. 

Reliability: With preventive maintenance approach builds reliability to the entire system while operating on equipment and machinery. 

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance helps in preventing unplanned maintenance procedures but will depend on the ideas, creativity, knowledge, and skills of experts who manage the activity. 

Are you confused about whether you need to install a preventive maintenance system or not, or if it’s worthwhile to invest manpower/money in the mechanism? 

Here are the advantages you can take note of before you implement preventive maintenance:

  • Offers high-quality working/operating conditions on the machinery for everyone
  • Saves time and costs, avoids the frequent heavy routine repairs
  • Helps minimize overtime costs, and encourages the economical use of workers
  • Prevents the premature replacement of equipment and machinery
  • Scales the life expectancy and conservation of assets
  • Provides value to the users with the web-oriented Preventive maintenance technique
  • Minimization of administrative workload and time to focus more on asset and client maintenance
  • Eliminate equipment downtime and improves reliability

Various Types of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Usage-based preventive maintenance

This preventive maintenance technique gets excited with the actual asset utilization. It considers the average everyday use or the exposure to the asset’s environmental conditions. With the usage-based technique, you can forecast the due date for a particular inspection task or a future maintenance process. 

2. Calendar/time-based preventive maintenance

This type of maintenance occurs for a scheduled time that depends on the calendar interval. It triggers the maintenance action after the due date approaches and the mandatory work orders get created.

3. Predictive maintenance

The predictive maintenance technique is designed to plan the corrective maintenance measures before a failure happens. The team should initially detect what the condition of the machine is, to conclude when the implementation of maintenance is required. The scheduling of maintenance tasks can avoid unexpected machine failure.

4. Prescriptive maintenance

The prescriptive maintenance doesn’t only show that the failure is about to occur and when, but also shows why this happens. This technique helps you analyze and identify the various options and possible outcomes, to mitigate the risk involved in the operation.

Preventive Maintenance Services

Machinery and equipment management is the heart of any system, hence it needs an early-stage inspection. 

With small investments, preventive maintenance gives great returns, increasing the uptime of the system and enhancing productivity.

Preventive maintenance services offer 24*7 assistance with the help of a Cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for positive results.

The preventive maintenance services the providers offer to the industries are based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the type of equipment in use, the machine’s age, and local environmental factors.

Preventive maintenance services include:

  • Management of preventive, reactive, and predictive maintenance of the machinery and equipment 
  • Scheduling, monitoring, and assigning the tasks towards the final project completion
  • Effective management of the spare parts inventory and monitor the consumption level
  • Offer updated notifications about the upcoming component orders 
  • Tracking the real-time performance across plant, region, and organization
  • Development of reporting facilities for effective compliance management
  • Analyzing the maintenance techniques to make decision-making process data-driven
  • Making sure that the machinery is free from debris before and after the shifting
  • Wiping the debris, lubricant, dirt, etc, from the machine surface every day. 
  • Inspecting the tools regularly for sharpness
  • Replace the damaged or worn-out parts
  • Assess all fluid levels of machinery and the air filters regularly
  • Calibrate the machine regularly
  • Test and maintain the efficiency of the motor and the power sources twice every year. 

Preventive maintenance services from Ocean

At Ocean, we offer preventive maintenance services to guard equipment against failures and secure power sources, local networks, electrical connections, etc. 

Being a successful provider of preventive maintenance programs, Ocean tailors this technique to fit the unique requirements of your industry and leverage affordable, dependable techniques to prevent any potential breakdowns.

Ocean provides preventive maintenance solutions to residential locations like Apartments, homes, complexes, etc., commercial and industrial properties, health, care, facilities, fitness centers, theaters, manufacturing lines, parking lots, etc.

Condition Monitoring Services from Ocean

Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services LLC offers condition monitoring services to guarantee the flawless functionality of systems. Our comprehensive condition monitoring services facilitate effective maintenance and optimize output planning, leading to reduced maintenance expenses and minimal downtime.

With our expertise in condition monitoring and diagnostics, we ensure that you can fully maximize the operational lifespan of your technical components.

Summing Up

Businesses using preventive maintenance have increased due to the benefits discussed above.

Preventive maintenance eliminates unnecessary production, and losses and destroys the chances of health and safety violations. 

It also ensures high operational control to the users and supports in preventing problems in the future. 

Contact Ocean today to get the best out of the preventive maintenance program and save your machinery from unplanned, expensive equipment/component repairs.

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