Equipment Performance Monitoring

Equipment Performance Monitoring – Our Approach

Numerous industries worldwide use digitization trends and technology in their operations as a part of growing and optimizing business processes. 

Equipment performance monitoring has transformed businesses, creating enhanced service times, high efficiency, and improved uptime. 

Rather than just knowing about the history of the equipment, performance monitoring also helps you modify the operating parameters and the maintenance schedule to give optimal benefits which we will discuss in the later sections. 

This blog gives you a comprehensive understanding of equipment monitoring and the role of Ocean in delivering businesses with the finest equipment performance monitoring services. 

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What are the challenges that inhibit equipment performance monitoring?

Equipment usually starts showing deterioration in terms of performance with use over years. 

Let it be turbines, compressors, or a pump, the changes in the performance could be efficiency, power consumption, throughput, rising operating costs, etc. 

The equipment degrades due to many physical changes, which impacts its working. It can range from mechanical wear resulting from long hours of work, or physical wear such as pump impeller corrosion. 

The performance changes can also happen due to the degradation from the surface of heat exchanger plates. 

Adopting appropriate maintenance helps you keep the productivity and quality standards of the equipment up. 

Every maintenance expert should be careful and understand when the machine could possibly degrade. 

To take care of the system’s performance, the professional should also understand the intervals when the relevant maintenance should be scheduled. 

Making sure that the performance of the equipment helps you remain successful to beat the chances of degradation, you can contribute well to the productivity of the plant.

What does Equipment Performance Monitoring mean?

The term equipment performance monitoring denotes the process of conducting an in-depth inspection and analysis of the equipment performance, which helps to graph and benchmark the inferences using design data. 

It involves the following steps:

  • Data Acquisition–  A portable device can be used to collect site-specific data such as temperature, vibration, and operation parameters.
  • Data Analysis– The data gets collected from various devices and the experts check for any abnormalities, to graph down the results based on operation curves.
  • Benchmarking– In this step, you may benchmark the plots using the design graphs; and move the highlighted anomalies for further analysis.

Continuously monitoring the equipment and machinery leaves the least chance for them to break down quickly. 

The Significant advantages of Condition monitoring

Without an equipment monitoring technique, the site, and floor managers have to make continuous walkarounds for the inspection. 

This involves much time and risk and is susceptible to error-prone results. 

But, condition monitoring conducts real-time monitoring of the temperature, power, vibrations, etc. for the equipment. 

You can also build customized dashboards and enable notifications to alert you when something goes wrong. 

Predictive maintenance helps businesses to utilize real-time analytics and data from various sensors to inform you about the possibility of an equipment failure in advance. 

Wireless sensors help businesses to assess the overall health of equipment such as compressors, pumps, fans, and so on.  

Deploying the sensors facilitates the easy and quick tracking of machine vibrations and temperature parameters. 

The monitoring techniques let you:

  • Keep the focus on the processes.
  • Utilize condition monitoring as an investment to let you implement the technological solutions as promised.
  • Portray the value of your investment and use ROI reports to modify the plant culture.

Condition monitoring considers the parameters of equipment to figure out the concerns like temperature, vibration, etc. well before it could lead to major equipment damage. 

It evaluates the conditions and characteristics of the equipment to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase the installation lifespan for any equipment;
  • Maintain high throughput efficiency for the machine;
  • Reduce the anticipated downtime of the equipment;
  • Plan and manage the inspection/ maintenance activities.

The condition monitoring system also lets you schedule proactive maintenance which avoids quick equipment failure and replaces the need for expensive repairs with timely solutions. 

It also leads to excellent plant operation and quality that improves output rate and productivity. 

With the least faults and inconveniences in handling the equipment, you also win customer engagement and high-end customer satisfaction. 

Timely monitoring solutions offer a base to design a future-proof plant since it gives all the concerns and details that occur within the equipment while it operates.

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Ocean Approach towards equipment performance monitoring

Ocean is accustomed to delivering performance monitoring solutions that let businesses exercise secure preventive maintenance measures before issues can rise. 

With advanced technology, Ocean helps businesses to experience a rapid reduction in the costs of repairs, prevent unnecessary downtime, etc. 

It also contributes to the industries with early notifications on abnormalities in the equipment and generates alerts to warn the users about the health of the machine. 

Ocean delivers best-in-industry monitoring services with a focus on the following aspects:

  • Easy Identification of potential risks associated with the assets: Our professionals give you detailed insights about the potential issues of equipment that might cost you unwanted downtime. The performance anomalies are the beginning of any possible critical equipment failure. Our team conducts a thorough analysis which helps to detect all the issues in detail.
  • Get professional support from an experienced team: Ocean maintains a dedicated team of experts who can perfectly monitor and protect your business process assets. It lets you stay focused on the corrective actions along with the learning analysis technology.
  • Enhance productivity and minimize costs: Once you know the core assets, you can manage and modify the operating parameters or schedule maintenance for the best business benefits. Appropriate data analysis offers more opportunities to scale optimization. Unplanned downtime and inefficiency lead to expensive expenditures. Our Cost-effective analysis lets you make sure the assets perform efficiently.

Through validated information on the mechanical equipment and its operating performance, Ocean delivers ideal value and successful strategy to your industrial operations.

Wrapping Up

The equipment monitoring technology supports the holistic troubleshooting of equipment and deploys proactive maintenance mechanisms across every organization. 

This also brings high-end savings on the costs the businesses should have spent on service, maintenance, and labour otherwise. 

Ocean implements an end-to-end performance monitoring technique for industrial equipment and makes sure it extends the life of the equipment through an in-depth analysis. 

If you wish to learn further about how Ocean offers equipment monitoring solutions, let’s talk!

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