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Ultrasound Analysis

Ultrasound Analysis

Ultrasound Analysis is a preventative maintenance technique that  use of Ultrasound waves emitted from the target equipment to predict or diagnose failure in its very early stage. For those plant maintenance professionals looking for fully featured ultrasound inspection services that provide them with the capability of testing, analyzing and reporting their results quickly, easily and efficiently. Ultrasound Analysis services are perfect for diagnoses of early stage problems and lubrications issues. Ultrasound analysis can help with mechanical inspection, leak detection, electrical inspection, steam trap maintenance, electric arc flash detection, and valve testing. The Ultrasound Analysis service offers low acquisition costs and is simple to use. The equipment and software costs are quite low as compared to other predictive maintenance solutions. A user-friendly interface is also available along with our Ultrasound Analysis service.


How does it work?


This technique will find out the  sounds inaudible to human ears at normal conditions and switch them into audible signals. The incoming sounds can be heard through a headphone and can be viewed on a screen as a time waveform or FFT. This data will equip an expert technician with information on how the equipment works. We will suggest corrective measures by comparing the present data with the baseline data instantly. 

Our ultrasonic analysis technology has been highly trusted by our principals and clients for the outstanding services we have supplied over the years. Portable Ultrasound Analysis sensors can also capture data for immediate use or upload it to a database for further analysis and monitoring. Technicians obtain this information by recording noises in the outside air or by placing probes in direct contact with the component under test.

Applications Of Ultrasound Analysis

Steam Trap Inspection

When steam travels through a trap, ultrasonic sounds are produced. If there is equipment failure, steam can escape through them, resulting in energy wastage. We can easily listen to ultrasonic soundwaves and determine the trap’s health using the proper technology.

Compressed Air Leak Detection ​

Advanced data monitoring through effective ultrasound analysis will save you the unanticipated downtimes and increase energy efficiency.. Since air loss is difficult to detect without aid, most facilities need the use of monitoring equipment. When it comes to detecting compressed air leaks, we’re one of the most well-known names. The ability to immediately discover the specific location of air leaks is one of the benefits of using Ultrasound Analysis for compressed air. With their portability and capacity to take up sounds using free air, they may be used anywhere and allow us to cover a vast area in a short period of time while maintaining quality.

Electrical Inspection ​

The ability to acquire data from UA detectors makes them useful instruments for electrical testing. Acing, tracking, and corona are some of the faults that can be discovered. Ultrasound Analysis equipment can identify the high-frequency noises produced in these scenarios. It can also help you avoid getting too close to electrical equipment. Technicians can inspect equipment troubleshooting from the ground or a safe distance away. At Ocean, we strive for 100% client satisfaction by utilizing best-in-class resources and processes.

Bearing Inspection

The performance of mechanical equipment can be monitored using ultrasonic analysis equipment. It accomplishes this by detecting changes in mechanical component volume and frequency. Bearings, for example, produce sounds that Ultrasound Analysis equipment can detect and measure. Ultrasound Analysis is used in the service of bearings that require lubrication. As lubrication is applied, technicians can listen to the bearings. They’ve been taught to use sound to apply the right quantity of lubricant. In addition to providing useful information to the technician, UA would also avoid failure.

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