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Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Preventive maintenance methods help detect issues at the early stages so that they can be fixed before the problem becomes too big and causes damage, leading to a stoppage of work. Failed equipment can cost you ten times as much to repair as repairing a problem detected during predictive maintenance activity. With our vibration analysis service, you may predict the behavior of your machines and equipment. The system is adaptable to a wide range of applications and may be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Also, Online Vibration Analysis from OCEAN traces machine vibration and other parameters around the clock. Using the Online Condition Monitoring system we integrate our thorough understanding of rotating equipment, condition monitoring, and sensor technology to provide awareness of the present and future condition of an asset to allow ideal maintenance schedule, preventing breakdown and unexpected downtime.

How Does It Work​

  • It identifies the reasons for machinery vibrations and helps plant engineers by providing early warnings of imminent equipment failures. 
  • This, in turn, provides plant engineers enough time to perform maintenance actions much before the scheduled time and avoid equipment failures. 
  • The frequency spectrum and the temporal waveform of the vibration signals are analyzed by vibration sensors. The Fourier Transform is performed on the time waveform to analyze the frequency spectrum.
  • On vibration waveforms, time-domain analysis is used to determine the nature and severity of the vibration abnormalities. 
  • Peak amplitude, standard deviation, root mean square, skewness, crest factors, and other parameters are all retrieved and extensively evaluated. This approach evaluates the overall state of the machinery, being observed.

How Do Our Vibration Analysis Services Benefit You?

  • Through vibration structural analysis, you can easily identify machinery problems before they break down and provide necessary maintenance services. 
  • Monitoring of critical equipment is now easy and fast through vibration analysis. 
  • Avoid unforeseen breakdowns, downtimes, and loss of revenue with proper analysis and maintenance through vibration analysis.
  • Decreased inventory of spare parts as there is no breakdown of existing parts due to the timely action of vibration analysis.
  • Through Ocean’s vibration analysis of Centrifugal fans, you can extend the working life of the equipment, schedule maintenance activities more efficiently, and eliminate large-scale repairs and failures.

The Vibration Analysis Service Helps You To Identify: ​

  • Abnormal vibrations due to rotor imbalance
  • Problems with bearings
  • Defects with gears
  • Mounting issues
  • Electrical problems with AC and DC motors
  • Lubrication inadequacy
  • presence of misalignments
  • Isolation of deteriorated or broken parts
  • Underlying reasons for breakdowns of various equipment

Why Ocean Technical and Mechanical Services?

Being the leading Engineering company in Oman, we offer vibration analysis services for businesses of all sizes, whether they are small or multi-site companies. Our expertise does not stop at an on-site inspection of rotating equipment—we also perform online monitoring of cooling towers. This is a long-term activity, as data has to be collected over time and analyzed to detect problems. At Ocean, we leverage sophisticated technology and equipment. Our deep expertise to ensure that you don’t experience unexpected machinery breakdowns and suffer a loss of productivity. 

Our Field Service Engineers are Vibration Analysis Cat IV/III/II certified and have over 20 years of field experience in site troubleshooting and machine fault diagnosis in a variety of industries, including drilling industries, seawater desalination plants, petrochemical plants, power plants, steel plants, cement plants, and so on. We assist plant operators in reducing unplanned downtime and increasing the equipment’s dependability. We assist customers in fulfilling the vibration monitoring analysis requirements and keeping up the CbM plan.

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